Hire Products

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ANHYDRATE SCREED - Options How to remove latency

BLAST EQUIP HIRE - a range of captive surface blasting equipment

FLOOR PLANER HIRE - a range of scabblers and surface planers

SCABBLE IT - air operated surface floor scabblers & hand scabblers

FLOOR SAW ELECTRIC HIRE - range of 110v & 415v floor saws,

FLOOR SAW FUEL HIRE - range of petrol or diesel floor saws up to 600 blade

HAND SAW HIRE) - disc cutters and chasers

BREAKER HIRE - range of breakers to be used with floor saws

HAND GRINDER HIRE - range of hand grinders

FLOOR GRINDER HIRE - range of floor grinders

POWER GROUT SPONGE - Power Sponge Grouter

FORCED ACTION MIXER HIRE - range of forced action mixers 

SAND IT - range of surface sander walls and floors

POLISH IT - range of polishers for terrazzo and concrete

TILE REMOVER HIRE - range of surface strippers for tiles and vinyl

FLOOR SCRUBBER HIRE - range of floor scrubbers

SWEEP IT - range of floor sweepers

STR FLOOR MACHINE HIRE - STR machine and accessories, inc use on anhydrate screed within 7 days

WASH IT - range of pressure washers and accessories

PAINT IT - range of airless sprayers and line markers

POWER IT Mains - range of transformers and leads

POWER IT - generators - generators to run our equipment

DUST CONTROL HIRE - to help with the control of airborne particles 

SAW IT - range of bench type tile saws 240v and 110v

DRILL IT - range of diamond drill rigs and motors

CONCRETE FINISHING - range of floats and brooms

WET CONCRETING - range of power floats and screed bars

SHIFT IT - range of moving & carrying

OTHER ITEMS - Items not listed in the above.