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210MM / 8" AUTO BLASTER The S210 40R is a compact powerful shot blaster for small to medium areas that runs from 3phase 415v power requirements, . The blasting process is fully enclosed ensuring a dust-free application. 

The surface is prepared by steel abrasive propelled onto the surface at high velocity. The abrasive removes contamination and textures the surface in one process, the abrasive is then recycled into the hopper and the debris is removed by the connected dust collection vacuum that is an extra item to hire . 

The machine is fitted with a variable speed drive system to ensure ease of use and a constant finish of the profile. and can achieve up to 80m2 per hour on non coated concrete surfaces or up to 50m2 on a light coating removal. Can also be used on steel surfaces to key and remove scale.

Stock No: B45
Power: 415V 3 PHASE
Weight: 114KGS

Additional Items

Hire Rates

Day: £480.00
Weekend: £640.00
Week: £800.00

Note: any prices or technical details given on these pages are subject to change without prior notice. All prices shown exclude VAT and are subject to availability.