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Do you have a liquid screed floor (an-hydrate) that has been poured in the past 7 days and you want to remove the surface skin as recommended by the manufactures before the surface can be tiled. using a single head 17" rotary machine 110v with 5kva transformer that connects to 240v mains and uses double sided Carborundum sanding discs to take the surface skin only off and therefore enable the screed to dry out naturally and ready for when dried out for tiles to be applied.

  • Price for the double sanding sheets are £10.00 excl vat each and up to 4 can be used per 50m2.
  • ask about our special 1 day rates that start from £200 for str plus 4 x sheets plus ext lead plus transformer.

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Dust control is not normally required with this machine but can be supplied as an extra if required and can also be used afterward to hoover the surface.

(should you be outside the window of grind and surface is more than 7 DAYS old then you will need to see our details on the other pages. and use the triple head grinder fitted with diamond shoes as the surface has now gone hard)

Power: 110V 32AMP and 5KVA TRANSFORMER
Weight: N/A

Hire Rates

Day: £168.00
Weekend: £224.00
Week: £280.00

Note: any prices or technical details given on these pages are subject to change without prior notice. All prices shown exclude VAT and are subject to availability.