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SINGLE HEAD 250MM FLOOR GRINDER WITH FLOATING HEAD FOLDING HANDLES, ROLLER BEARING FOR WALL WALKING ON EDGE WORK , UNIQUE EDGE GUARD EXPOSURE FOR CLOSE TO EDGE WORK FOR BOTH SIDES, DUST CONTROL PORT FITTED. Can do up to 100m2 per day on general grinidng of concrete up to 2mm. wear charge per mm on diamond plate for general grinding £80.00 per mm also can be used with pcd combi plate for light adhesive removal £60.00 per mm. Dust control available as extra item please visit our dust control tab on left.
Stock No: D38
Power: 110V 32AMP LARGE PLUG
Weight: 44KG

Hire Rates

Day: £156.00
Weekend: £208.00
Week: £260.00

Note: any prices or technical details given on these pages are subject to change without prior notice. All prices shown exclude VAT and are subject to availability.