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MIN WEEKS HIRE The Schwammfix 680P is a powered continuous loop sponge cleaner, The PETROL POWER GROUT SPONGE are machines for mechanically doing the time consuming job of removing cementitious and epoxy grout from the surface of newly laid tiles. The sponge action gives uniform and strong joints and a film free surface.

Applications cleaning grout from floor tile surfaces machine finishing gives uniform joint finish continuous sponge action leaves film free tiles upright working means more productive work saves between 30% & 60% of grouting time will be a lot more flexible and efficient, cleaning an area of 100 m² per hour without any additional cleaning. Your work will be done up to eight times faster! Effortless, "mortar-film-free" cleaning. 

No washing of joints. Extremely time-saving. Special sponge bath for epoxy Use The machines drive a sponge band that cleans off the grout residue, passes through a water reservoir that cleans the sponge and rollers to remove excess water.

Stock No: G68
Weight: 49KG

Additional Items

SALE ITEMS: Extra sponges are available on sale as used £119.00 each

Hire Rates

Day: £500.00
Weekend: £500.00
Week: £500.00

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